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Unleashing God's word and God's people to reach those that are far from Christ

Chase Gardner speaks at different churches, colleges, para-church organizations, and anywhere else that extends an invitation to make Jesus famous and equip Christians just like you to reach people that are far from God but close to you.

Coaching Package

I love pouring into preachers almost more than I enjoy preaching my own sermons.
Our coaching relationship will include 6 months of 1-hour meetings where I’ll help you with:

  • Sermons: Manuscript preparation and past sermon reviews
  • Discovering your unique voice
  • Sermon Series plan: you’ll walk away with a full year of sermons planned and a system that makes sermon planning easy
  • Teaching Team: I’ll teach you how to develop your own team of people who will help you with feedback, brainstorming, planning, and encouragement after our coaching relationship ends.

I only take a limited amount of clients each year, so sign up below to schedule a phone call about our coaching package.

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