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4 hours could change your life​


These half-day seminars are designed to give your congregation the tools they need to be effective witnesses to the people they already live, work, and do life with. We’ve seen many salvations result from these workshops, some as early as that afternoon. Seminar materials are provided by Chase Gardner Ministries, all you need to provide is the people and the space.

Walking Through Deconstruction


For every 1 person that converts to Christianity in America, 4 more people deconvert. The most important determining factor that predicts whether a person going through deconstruction leaves the faith or not is how their faith community responds to their doubts. This 4 session seminar concentrates on how Jesus is better than any alternative. It is designed specifically for those that are currently walking through deconstruction or have a relationship with someone that is.

Not That Crazy...


Everyone has questions about Christianity. Some of those questions are harder to answer than others. How can we trust that modern translations of the Bible are anything like the originals? Is science compatible with faith? What happens when we die? How can there be only one way to heaven? This 4 session seminar is designed to make it easy to have conversations about these topics with truth and grace.

Share Your Story


Jesus has radically transformed your life and you want everyone to know. But the act of actually sharing your story is one of the hardest things Jesus calls us to do. In my experience the problem isn’t due to a lack of courage, but a lack of practice. This hands-on workshop will not only give you the tools to share your story and God’s story with anyone, anywhere, anytime; but also the confidence to do it every day.

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